The Illustrated Guide to The Fantastic Edo Era
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The Illustrated Guide to The Fantastic Edo Era

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The book is based around a reconstruction of the Kojimachi area of Tokyo during the Edo Era and also features chapters on Edo-style kimonos and hairstyles, the Samurai society, Japanese swords, and castles, etc. Colorful illustrations and explanations also cover Ninja and Yokai – hugely popular overseas. Additionally, the book will give you an insight into Japanese ways of thinking. A colorful and comprehensive look at Japan that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Zenyoji Susumu has also devoted pages to trace Japanese attitudes towards religion and Japanese aesthetics that will help travelers enjoy their journey even more. Zenyoji Susumu's all new illustrated guide to the Edo Era in English. Detailed illustrations and in depth explanations regarding Japanese culture make for fun family reading. Chapters on Ninja and Yokai have been included to appeal to English-speakers familiar with Japanese Manga and Anime. Dducational but entertaining, turn the pages and discover "Everything you wanted to know about Japanese Culture!" * Shipping to the world. We will ship by air mail. But now normal air mail (EMS) is closed. So we need an expensive way of shipping compared with usual ". 内容は、江戸時代の半蔵門から麹町を再現した「麹町照覧」を用いて、街と商店、町人の商売を細かに紹介することを中心に、庶民の着物や髪型、武士の社会、日本刀、お城。そして、海外の方々に人気の忍者と妖怪などを豊富なカラーイラストで解説します。さらに、日本文化を思考性から論理的に解説と、家族で読んでも発見があるように、幅広い年齢と興味に対応。 宗教観や美意識など、日本を訪れた方々が日本を身近に感じ、旅がいっそう楽しいものになるように制作しています。そして、アニメや漫画で日本に興味を持った「新世代日本好き」や家族で日本に訪れた旅行者を読者に設定しています。 国内発送は、スマートレター、レターパックライトで郵便受けに発送します。